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Bhaga Baby Shoot-Aug-18Beauty at the Beach 28-Jul-18AMY pregnancy shoot 23-Jun-18Post Apocalypse Shoot 9-Jun-18Alice in Wonderland 29-April-18Fairmont CosplayBrooke Portrait Top 9Juggers Winter Games - Day 2Juggers of the Wasteland Winter Games - Feb-18Power House BettieNuclear Winter in JunkTown 26-Dec-17Cosplay at Fairmont Park 13-Nov-17Pioneer Park 29-Oct-17Chino Creek Halloween 15-Oct-17Elysium Open House 14-Oct-17Day of the Dead 7-Oct-17AMY Session2 3-Jul-17Barbershop Babe - part 2Barbershop Babe 30-April-17Frank & Shelley 10-Apr-17AVON - Shelley Chavez 10-Apr-17Mark Stephens 6-Feb-17JACK 11-Jan-17 editedCosplay at Fairmount ParkDripping Wet AlchemyDroke 2016 ReUnion group photos